Hardware I use

  • I use a Desktop running Pop_OS from System76 after a long stint using some flavour of Ubuntu since about 2008.
  • I use a Dell Ultrasharp 34 monitor that never feels large enough.
  • I have two Raspberry Pi’s I use to run my own DNS at home.
  • I have a pair of Sony MDR7506’s that I’ve been using since about 2010.
  • I use a Happy Hacking keyboard.

Software I use

  • IntelliJ for Java, Vim, VSCode for almost everything else.
  • I use Spotify for music.
  • I use FireFox for most web browsing, sometimes lynx.
  • I use git for version control.
  • I use Java, Bash, Python, Ruby professionally, but I have used Rust and Racket in my spare time.